The Delicious Snacks That Instantly Balance Mind & Body
You are only one meal away from feeling and performing your best.

  • No time to prepare a healthy meal from scratch?
  • Need a power-packed, nutritious pick-me-up between meals?
  • Love the idea of clean eating but don’t know where to start?

When you lead a busy life and you need healthy snacks on the go, don’t settle for anything less than the best to keep your body, mind and soul feeling fabulous.


MIND · BODY · RAW snack bars are delicious and healthy vegetarian-friendly snacks that are nutrient-dense, quick and easy. Never skip breakfast or lunch again and enjoy all the energy you need to get on with your day, without sacrificing your health.


Nutrition is the key to a healthy, happy life.


Being conscious about what you eat goes a long way towards lowering the risk of heart disease and improving your overall health. You see, we take the age-old proverb “You are what you eat” to heart. What you eat can have a massive and long-term influence on your brain, heart, immune system, energy levels, mental alertness, longevity ... the list goes on. Being conscious about what you eat helps lower the risk of nearly every major disease including heart disease, obesity and diabetes as well as improving your overall health.


There is not ONE FACTOR MORE IMPORTANT than food to your overall health and life experience.

Think about that.

Our raw whole food snack bars are your new best friend for healthy snacking. They can replace the urge for fast food, sweets, biscuits, chocolate or crisps whenever you're hit with a snack attack. When you enjoy raw whole foods in your daily life, you have the power to improve your overall health, curb cravings, fight weight gain, regulate mood, boost brain-power and have vibrant energy to keep going all day.

MIND · BODY · RAW snack bars are made with only natural, completely unprocessed whole foods. Packed with tasty combinations of raw fruits, nuts, seeds, grains – and nothing else – your body will thank you! Our yummy healthy snack bars are perfect for in between meals or as a meal replacement when you’re on the go.


PLEASE NOTE: These snack bars contain nuts and nut oils. We cannot be held responsible for any issues resulting from food allergies.

Thanks to the nutritionally balanced recipe each bar contains “the perfect blend” of ingredients that taste great and instantly restore harmony to your body and mind. Any time you need to refuel, refocus or re-energise, here’s your answer. Eat them at home, during your commute, at work, before or after the gym, yoga, Pilates, on a trip, hike, bike ride or even give them as a gift.

At MIND · BODY · RAW, we’re passionate about nutrition. Our premium, 50g snack bars are raw, unprocessed and made in Britain with great care. We’re committed to bringing you health and vitality.

Our snack bars are:

  • 100% natural, free-from food that is non-GM, soya-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and gluten-free.
  • Completely free of additives, preservatives and other toxic ingredients.
  • In 5 healthy, nutritious flavours; original, blueberry, cacao, banana and coconut.
  • Each bar contains over 10 ingredients, much more than the average snack bar and therefore providing a nutritionally balanced powerful snack that satisfies.
  • Nutrient-dense and incredibly tasty with no added sugar.
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, raw foodies – and anyone interested in healthy eating!

Delivered directly to you in a letterbox-friendly pack.

Are you ready to enjoy the great taste of raw, whole foods in an easy, convenient form and reap the benefits of clean eating - every day?

MIND · BODY · RAW are the yummy healthy snacks you’ve been waiting for. If you had the time to make your own snack bars, they would taste just like this! DON’T MISS OUT! Pre-Order your box of MIND · BODY · RAW snack bars today!


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